About Kathleen

Kathleen is Eileen’s evil twin, responsible for most of her romance novels, all for Silhouette, and four of her five RITAs. Her books range from slapstick to serious issues like illiteracy, anorexia and PTSD. Her book A ROSE FOR MAGGIE, about a woman whose beloved daughter has Down Syndrome, has been named on multiple lists of top romance novels of all time.

Booklist says of it: With a poetic sense of grace, deftly defined characters, and her usual wicked sense of wit, RITA Award winner Korbel fashions a lusciously sensual and thoroughly romantic love story that is imbued with magic of Ireland. Dangerous Temptations is bewitching, beguiling, and brilliant.

Sorcha’s book, DARK SEDUCTION, came out in February. A small fairy with smaller aspirations, Sorcha finds herself caught up in the struggle to restore balance by having to travel to the world of mortal to seek out the precious fairy stone that had been lost there decades before. Unfortunately, it’s in the hands of a man who not only doesn’t believe in fairies, but is trying his best to overcome a family who made their name photographing fairies in the 19th century and allegedly coming home with a Fairy Prince and the Fairy Diamond. Poor man. He hasn’t counted on Sorcha. The two have to rescue the stone before the dark fairies find it and wreak havoc on both worlds.

And now, Orla’s book, DEADLY REDEMPTION, is finished, and will be out in September. Orla is the youngest daughter, who has to pay for her ill-advised attept at her mother’s throne. In punishment, her mother takes away Orla’s position as leanhan sidhe, the fairy siren who ensorcles men to their sexual slavery. Then she sends Orla across to the land of the dark fairy, not just as a hostage until the stones can be recovered and order restored, but as the hostage bride of the Crown Prince Liam. The battle for supremacy is titanic, not only between Orla and her new people, but Orla and her new husband. But to survive, even with the stones restored, she must be able to assert her own power. And after losing her identity, she has to rediscover where her power now lies. I’ll have the first chapter up within a week or two.

One of the threads that runs through all three books is a young seer by the name of Kieran. He’s based on a very special person in Ireland I was privileged enough to know . My children called him the fairy child, which he’ll always be. Kieran died of leukemia at the age of 18. I couldn’t bear to lose him completely, so I let him live in my world of fairies, where he belonged in the first place.

As soon as DEADLY REDEMPTION has been published, I’ll start telling you about THE THREE GRACES, my newest project, the historical romantic adventure I’m writing for Grand Central Books. I’ll keep you up to date on my blog, but the trilogy is due out in 2010, back-to-back-to-back. Which means that for the foreseeable future you’ll find me in my coffeeshop pounding on my laptop.