Eileen’s Trip to @Jeopardy! Part 3: Here we are in LA

I have to admit that even though I have to pay my way to LA to appear on Jeopardy!, they’ve done a nice job of making it as affordable as they can. Okay, so theyEileen_Dreyer_AD_10-30-14_SN_6929 didn’t do anything about airfare. But they did cut a deal with a local hotel so that my rate is halved, I have a free breakfast and a shuttle bus to the Sony studios in the morning(although I do think it’s hysterical that there is no shuttle to bring you back).


But first, I have to get through the night before. I’m prepped, really. I mean, the only thing you can do about the answers is to solidify the info you know. I’m not going to learn the history of the NBA in three months. But I can double check my history, film, literature, music, and word play, just to cement it all. I’ve done that. I’ve practiced with buzzer-representatives(they give you a great Jeopardy pen at try-outs that doubles as a clicker). Now I have to be ready to be on TV.


One of the things the show tells you is to bring at least three different outfits so that if we win we can pretend we actually went home and came back instead of having to be changed, made up and calmed down within a period of forty minutes before the next show is shot. They also need to make sure your outfit is appropriate for film so that it doesn’t strobe. I have met with my fashion consultants—my critique partner, Karyn Witmer-Gow and my daughter—and come up with what I hope will hide the fact that I’ve gained a very inconvenient ten pounds over the winter. I hope my glasses will hide my tiny eyes. My hair has just been cut, my clothes are fine, and thank all the stars, Jeopardy has its own make-up artists it insists on using. I’m ready to go. If only I can sleep(the hotel did give me a chocolate chip cookie. It helped).


Tomorrow, the day is here. Today, don’t forget I’m also hawking books. TWICE TEMPTED comes out in November and is on my website.