Eileen’s Trip to Jeopardy! Part 8:

I mentioned Dave once already. To those who don’t know already, Dave is a good friend who died a few years ago, whose ashes we’ve been taking all around the world(I’m working on a website page with pics and stuff). Anyway, Dave was a true Renaissance Man, an engineer math whizz who worked as a firefighter/paramedic and snorkeled, sailed, did Ansel Adams­style photography and built and flew his own bi­plane. Well, I couldn’t imagine anybody who would enjoy being on Jeopardy! More than Dave. So I when I found out I was going to be on, I asked my husband what he thought.

“Come on,” I said. “It’s only a little pill bottle full of ashes. Who’s going to care?”

“Absolutely not,” he said. “It’s too weird.”

I brought the bottle to LA with me, because I usually have some Dave in my purse anyway. I asked my sister. “Are you nuts?” she demanded. “They’re gonna kick you right off.”

So there I was at the beginning of the day sitting at the Jeopardy table where we were all being given our instructions, and the producer says, “Any other questions? No matter how bizarre. Anything.”

And I heard myself say, “Well, as a matter of fact…”

And here’s the best part. The very best part. Not only did she not say it was not say it was a stupid idea, or horrible or heretical. She was so excited she was laughing. “Oh, my God, I think that’s the coolest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course you can bring Dave up with you. I know the perfect place to stash him where nobody else can see him(because that might have tipped the weirdmeter too far).” (for clarification, there is a little niche underneath the top of the booth where all the electrics and lights are plugged in, a perfect size to fit a pill bottle).

I wasn’t allowed to get pictures. No cameras are allowed on set. But I have witnesses. Dave was up on that stage all the time I was. And when, eventually, I walked off, the producer came over and said, “Do you have Dave?”

I did. But she wasn’t finished. “Do you think,” she said, grinning, “that his wife would mind if we took a little of him and rubbed him onto the booth? That way he could stay for good.”

I couldn’t think of anything more fun. So we opened the bottle, sifted a bit out, and rubbed him right onto the felt at the top of the booth. That’s right. Until they change out the Jeopardy set, Dave is still on the show. See? You’ll never know Eileen_Dreyer_2_AD_10-30-14_SN_6929unless you ask.