Eileen goes to camp....S.W.A.T. Camp, that is!

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Eileen after a full day of camouflage training, dynamic entry (breaking down a door and pouring into a structure), gas room (that's tear gas, folks), and general high-stress evaluation (usually under gunfire in the dark)
A medic's first responsibility when finding a downed officer is to safely disarm him or her. A thorough knowledge of weapons is needed.
A favorite game of the guys. Put Mom (what kind of nickname is that, I ask you?) in bigger and bigger helmets and take her picture, this by the armored response vehicle.
Mom's team after going through the gas room, where we learned that tear gas is survivable. Not pleasant, though.
The unique part of this exercise, is that we were supposed to be quiet enough to be a surprise to the people inside. Uh huh.
Rest assured.
You are in the hands of professionals.
Mom's team after graduation. These were the guys who got me through.

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