Waterloo ’15 Tour: June 25

imagejpegDear Belgium: News Flash, Napoleon Lost.

So there we were in the Wellington Museum in Waterloo, sited in the little white inn in which he kept his headquarters, and there we learns about…Napoleon. Oh, there were the tributes to Sir Alexander Gordon, Wellington’s aide who died in one of the rooms, and behind in the garden is the memorial to Lord Uxbridge’s famous lost leg (which memorial used to be a shrine with the famous leg famously residing). Now, since the leg has been repatiated, it’s just a stone slab. But inside, what you learn about are Napoleon’s generals, his army surgeon(who truly deserves praise, but that’s a different post altogether), and the many famous paintings of Napoleon battles. You really have to look hard to find out that Wellington was ever here.


Then we went to the brand spanking new interactive Waterloo Museum built underneath the Lion’s Mount, and…you guessed it. More Napoleon. His family lineage, his bucolic early life, his love for cannons and gaudy coronation robes. We followed his advances across Europe and see a mock up of a staff meeting. His staff, his maneuvers, his great triumphs. And then, like it was a great surprise, the loss at Waterloo. Quelle domange! Even the announcer the first night of the reenactments, narrated the battle in…French. Because, you know, Napoleon. But here’s the thing. The reenactment ended with English chasing the French off the battlefield just like before. So maybe you want to find just a few more memorabilia from oh, I don’t know, the winning side.





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