The Joy of Planning

on June 30, 2010

I know. Anybody who has ever known me will look at that title and laugh. I hate to plan anything. Because of my ADD, I have–resentfully–learned to make lists and rely on calendars. But how much fun can planning be? When it leads to a trip to India or Ireland or Chile is at the… Read More

Eating My Way Around the World

on June 9, 2010

It isn’t enough to see a new place or meet new people. Half the fun is eating. At least for me. So, when I speak of the trips I’ve taken, I will also speak of the food, the drink, the atmosphere. I’ve already included recommendations on my website for restaurants I’ve enjoyed in different places…. Read More

Going Back to Ireland

on May 26, 2010

Funny, but this is the way I always think of it. I wasn’t born in Ireland. Neither were my parents or grandparents. But from the time I can remember, I was always going to go ‘back’ to Ireland. It might be because that was the way my Grandpa spoke, and my mother. As if we’d… Read More