Everybody else has a page devoted to what they are passionate about. I love travel. My husband and I have been lucky enough to travel to some wonderful places, and we love to share our recommendations and suggestions. Last year on the Get Caught Reading at Sea cruise, we even got to give a talk on it. So I’d love to share some Dreyer’s Travel Tips(especially for international travel), and then some of my favorite places to stay.


You’ll notice they’re all B&Bs, most in Ireland, and most away from the cities. Yeah, okay, it’s our preference for travel. But whereever we go, we try and stay at small family run places. Not only does that provide a more personal atmosphere, it inspires unexpected benefits. Always ask the homeowner for local recommendations. They’re more than happy to help. In fact, once in Ireland when I asked a lovely lady where the local music pub was, she called her husband in from blowing tree stumps so they could take me themselves.

Wherever you go, if you choose this way of travel, be flexible and respect the privacy of your hosts (kitchens must be invited into). And be prepared to be surprised and delighted. Anybody with great (reasonably priced) recommendations of their own, let me know. I’ll try and include them: For other info on Ireland or England, I highly recommend their Tourist Boards. I have a few links on my site, but the net is a great place


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