New York

I’ve just found that a really economic time to visit New York is right after New Years. The weather might be cold, but the prices are 1/2 to 1/3 off, and it’s much easier to get good seats for Broadway. I’ve recommended some restaurants I like, but the truth is that you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a great restaurant. I’ve found that sites like*new**york*/ or are great help. Or just walk the streets, especially in Little Italy, the Broadway district (46th Street is called Restaurant Row), or Chinatown, and check the menu posted at the door.

WARNING: If you come in LaGuardia, don’t use the Super Shuttle. I’ve used it in many other cities with no problems, but it is a hopeless mess at LaGuardia. If you don’t want to take 3 hours to get to Manhattan(and I’m not exaggerating) It’s well worth the cab fare, which is usually about $30 to midtown.

Hotel Recommendations

228 W. 47th Street
(Perfect tourist hotel. Right in Times Square, busy, great lobby –don’t miss the cafe–rooms are the size of my bathroom, but who cares? It has everything you need, friendly staff and good security, and it’s clean)

Restaurant Recommendations

939 Eighth(between 51 and 52)
(Cuban. Great food, good price, nice people, near theaters)

321 W 46th St.
(expensive, family Italian: excellent food, lovely patio, great ambience, near theaters)