the road to tipperary

this is going to be quick. i haven’t posted for a bit, because i’ve been in deadline fever–or, as my daughter so lovingly calls it, deadline psychosis. But the best news. Zeke is in! He’s FINALLY gotten his story, and i love it. The question will be, of course, if Silhouette will. I’ll let you know. for now know that I’ve spent a lovely week in rainy, cold Ireland, and am now strolling pleasant and warm Edinburgh(sounds like a typo to me, too). i’ll fill you in on the trip when I get home. And also on the updated webpage. Wait til you see it! i think it’s smashing! now, children, i’m off to sample a few more single malts. my favorite so far is, balvenie. if you have only £6000, you can buy the 50 year bottle. i’m going a bit younger. slan abhaile!

eileen/kathleen, the evil twins

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