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Funny thing about a publication date. In the end, it’s more frustrating than rewarding. THE UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES, the (funny, erotic paranormal) novel I did with Jenny Crusie and Anne Stuart premiered yesterday. I should have felt better.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m thrilled it’s out. I’m so glad that we’ve reached the culmination of about three years of hard work, and as anybody who reads this kind of blog knows, only about half of that work was writing. We blogged, we websited, we contested(and still do). We cross-posted and sent books in a kind of author merry-go-round so that all three of us could sign each copy. We created needlework briiliance( I did needlepoint, Anne quilting and Jen knitting). We contacted everybody we knew and quite a few people we didn’t, to let them in on the publishing news. Jenny’s daughter Mollie did yeoman’s duty on our website and newsletter. We’ve been stoking people’s anticipation for at least nine months. And then on the day the book actually came out….

Well, I was sitting at home working on a new book. Publishing is kind of like that. I think it’s why so many of us do needlework(one of the prizes in our contests over at or gardening or gourmet cooking(that last one would not be me). We need just a bit of immediate gratification. We work so hard on our books, from inception to publication, but by the time the book actually comes out–even by the time the reviews come out–we’re at least one or two books down the line, usually stuck at the point(again) where we’re questioning our wisdom in going into this business in the first place. We think we stink(we always do in the middle of the book) and carry around a sneaking suspicion that any reviewer who really liked our work was either paid by the publisher or two weeks off her meds.

So think how refreshing it is to focus on flowers(my addiction). After all, all they want is a little water and food, and they’ll bloom happily for the rest of the summer. They don’t want rewrites or better numbers or a new author photo from you (since the one you’re now using was taken at highschool graduation). They don’t care what your numbers were last year, or how much you’re promoting yourself this year. They just want to make you happy, right this minute. It’s refreshing.

I’m not actually at the “I stink” phase. I’m more at the “I’ll never finish another project” phase, which often happens when the rest of my family interferes. But the message is always, “when they find out how bad I actually am–how I can’t finish anything–they’ll dump me faster than Britney Spears panties”.

Add to that the fact that numbers come out so fast now, that we’re all holding our breath (and praying, and lighting candles and invoking any household god of our acquaintance) that we show up ANYWHERE on a list. That’s what publishing survival is all about.

So, am I excited that THE UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES is out? Absolutely. It’s my most dominant emotion of the day. Right behind terrified and wary.

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