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So, here I am back home again after a lovely three weeks in Ireland and Scotland. I got to walk Edinburgh(did you know it’s all uphill?), ride a pony over the Gap of Dunloe in Ireland(I have to kiss my horsebackriding instructor full on the mouth for preparing me. Ponies trot, too. Badly. And considering I was on a steep mountain pass, I wasn’t interested in falling off), I got to see two horseraces, one at Limerick, where the son of the B&B where I was staying(the recommendation is going up on the new website) was racing his first horse over hurdles as a trainer. It was a Dick Francis book. Then I got to live a scene from Quiet Man. In Dingle, they still have thoroughbred races on the strand when the tide is out. Wow, it was fantastic! I hope to have pics on the travel for fun page.
But what I really am is back to work. Zeke is in, Silhouette is happy, and now I’m off to start the next book in the trilogy. If you remember, Zeke falls in love with the heir to the throne of Mab, Queen of Faerie. Well, when Nuala(our intrepid heroine) leaves, the job is left to her next sister, Sorcha, who’d rather have her fairy toenails plucked than be queen. So she’s sent on a quest, and runs across a dark, brooding human, who’d rather have HIS toenails plucked than admit that there are such things as fairies. Hopefully the real Mab won’t mind. I said hello to her when I was in Ireland. Purportedly, she’s buried under a 40 foot high cairn on top of a mountain called Knocknarea. I’ll let you know. In the meantime, I have fairies to torment.

eileenkathleen, the evil twins

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