blogging is easy. Writing is hard.

I was just visiting one of the many lists to which I subscribe, this one Dorothy-L. I mostly lurk on lists these days, which is frustrating. I join a list to visit(I’m a great visitor. One of my best traits is that I play well with others). Then I visit and visit and visit, and all that time I should be writing and writing and writing. So I have a choice. I can play or I can work. And think about it. If you have a choice between scrubbing toilets(which bears a striking resemblance, some days, to writing) or answering mail, which would you choose? Naturally, I choose mail. It’s like always having presents to open that are just for me. I can talk about anything and everything–the post I want to answer on Dot-L tonight is about Oprah and James Frey. Much more fun ranting about other authors than reaffirming the fact that I’m one. It reminds me of my favorite Ken Kesey quote. “Being a famous author is a wonderful thing. The only problem is that every once in a while you actually have to write something.”
So saying, I’m going to end now and go in and actually write something.
But stick around. I know I’m going to need to vent about something, or share a silly “how I collaborated with Jen Cruise and Anne Stuart” story. Just remember. The more often I post, the less often I’m actually writing.

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15 thoughts on “blogging is easy. Writing is hard.”

  1. Mary says:

    Hi! I really enjoy your books and was really surprised (happily)that you are working with Jennifer Crusie. I am not familiar with Anne’s work but will give her a read now that I know you and Jenny are working with her.

    Sinners and Saints knocked my socks off. It was a “stay up till your finished” great book. Thank you! Keep writing your books. I really enjoy the blogs but the books…

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