Drake's Damsels ~ The Return of Drake's Rakes #3
January 1, 1970
Oliver Heber Books

Dueling With the Duke

She had a face that was perfectly forgettable. At least that is how Jamie Grace described his wife Georgie to his cousin Colonel Adam Marrick, the new Duke of Rothray. Adam might have believed it if he had just met her in passing. But as he visits with his cousin’s widow and child, Adam realizes that Jamie had deliberately whetted his appetite with a purpose. He wanted to make sure Adam would be with his family if he couldn’t. The longer he spends with Georgie Grace, the more Adam wants to do just that, with a perfectly forgettable woman, who turns out to be surprisingly unforgettable.

He had a face that was completely forgettable. Only Georgie’s husband Jamie would describe his stunningly handsome cousin that way. Adam Marrick is not just handsome, he is heroic. When the military man comes to visit Georgie and her daughter Lilly, Georgie realizes that Jamie knew that Adam would be the perfect person to be there for his family if he couldn’t. Georgie wants to believe that. Unfortunately, Adam also brings news that sets her world on its ear. It seems her Lilly, who had been disowned by Jamie’s family, is suddenly a duchess herself. And Adam has the right to take her away to fulfill her destiny. But Adam has not just brought surprising news. He has brought a terrible dilemma, and an unforeseen danger to them all.

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