changing fortunes

So, why am I writing romance again? The truth is, I never stopped. Well, I never wanted to. I love both suspense and romance. I love to write both. Loren Estelman, a wonderful mysterynonfictionwestern writer calls moving among genres “literary crop rotation.” I really like that, because you reall do use different talents in each genre.
I like suspense because I can really delve into the dark heart of the soul. I can have really, really imperfect protagonists(my favorite male lead so far is a sociopathic lawyer in Bad Medicine and Head Games. He’s not a bad sociopath, he just doesn’t have the moral code of normal people, and he knows it). I also love to write action scenes. In fact, I’m so enamored of them that I find myself putting them in my romances. I mean, otherwise they’re just standing around talking to each other….well, almost all the time. I’m terrified my audience will get bored. But put a bullet through the window, and you can keep them busy for pages.
I like romance because I love a happy ending. I love the hope that is the message of each and every book. I love writing about relationships. And I sincerely love writing character based novels, which romances are much more than suspenses. I love romance language. If for no other reason, I’d continue to write romance because I love alliteration. And you simply can’t get away with that over in suspenseland.
Right now I’m writing romance because of the vagaries of the industry. My suspense numbers didn’t grow the way my publisher wanted me to. So they’ve asked me to put
a hold on my suspenses for a bit. I’d already had ideas for some romances, so I pitched those to my agent and my romance house–or rather Kathleen Korbel’s house– Silhouette. They said yes(thank heavens. I have SUCH student loans to pay off. The bain of having smart kids), and so I’m settling into a trilogy for them called Daughters of Myth, which used to be called Mab’s Daughters until the sales department found they didn’t have a clue who Mab was. Ah, well. The first of the books, still untitled, but I think sales is leaning toward Dangerous Temptation(not hugely original, but it gets the job done) to launch the newest Harlequin line, a dark paranormal line that goes by the name of Nocturne(now, that I like). It is also, by coincidence, if you’ve followed my Kendall series at all, the final book. Zeke’s long-awaited visit with the fairies.
So I’ll keep you up to date on the progress. And I’ll just tell you this for now. I realized the other night that it’s been four years since I’ve written a love scene. At first I was quite stymied. But then, I realized that (if you’ll pardon the concept) all in the rhythm. It really is like riding a bike.

Eileen and Kathleen, the evil twins

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