Jenny Made me do it 2

I really have been meaning to start a blog for ages. I love sharing information on my writing day, my research, little tidbits of stuff I learn along the way (my kids call me the Jeopardy Queen). But, as anyone who’s been near my website will tell you, I’m the world’s last luddite. Not necessarily by choice. I think it’s a bent chromosome. The good news is I gave birth so that I’d have a computer expert handy(and here I’d always thought I’d done it so I’d have somebody to do the dishes and mow the front lawn). So, since the chatting is never difficult for me, I had my son help with the computer-input side of it, and here I am.
As for the Jenny made me do it, part, that’s easy. I sometimes need a bit of a nudge to get off center, and that nudge(okay, my ribs still hurt) was provided by the inestimable Jenny Cruise. She and Anne Stuart and I(or rather, the Kathleen Korbel I) are working on an anthology together. We are really pumped about it–especially the part where we spent three days in an apartment in New York brainstorming. Is this a great job or what?–and Jen, especially. And if you know Jen at all, you’ll know that she is genetically incapable of doing anything halfheartedly. So, she and Anne and I are going to be linking our blogs in the future–.as soon as I figure out how to do it–so we can cross talk about the project(Jen’s already begun. Check her out. It’s a hoot). In the meantime, I’m going to fill you in on what’s going on in with my writing, research, the changes in my writing future, and the reason behind the change in my website.
So, stop by any time. I’d love to hear from you. I can’t wait to share this odd process of creativity, especially the new experience of collaborating. Never done it before. Never knew it could be so much fun–or so frustrating. Both EileenDreyer and Kathleen Korbel will be posting about their projects(yes, I am evil twins. It’ll probably be the official title of the blog from now on), and anything that crosses their devious little minds. Join the fun.

eileen and kathleen–the afforementioned evil twins

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