Life Interferes

I love to blog. I love to read blogs. But when life happens, it’s the first thing to fall by the wayside. My dad was diagnosed with cancer. He’s 86, he’s had a magnificent life, and we have no idea what the future holds. But for five weeks, I was the one in charge of all the details. Yeah, I’m the oldest daughter. It’s always our job. I’ve often said that oldest Irish daughters have been classified by the AKC as a herding group. The problem is that this tends to splinter all concentration(which in me is marginal at best).

In the moments at home I’m not on the phone with doctors, therapists, the thirty thousand or so relatives I have, insurance companies, and the like, I find myself staring at the wall. Not very productive. There’ve been a lot of times I thought, “this would make a good blog subject”. Then I got home and forgot what it was. Then, when I thought about blogging, I found myself reading somebody else’s blog(I spit coffee through my nose reading Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels May 16th offering, including the warning system for hero clothing that is brilliant–and color coded). I discovered a huge controversy over a rather scathing review and an odd response by Kathryn Falk. Makes me feel as if I’ve been hiding in a cave.

The good news is that over on the Unfortunate Miss Fortunes website, we ran a contest for the bloggers who have been faithful til now for taglines, and the winners are posted over there. That was great fun, and we got some fabulous answers. I’ll talk about them on next blog. I’m still using this one to apologize for not posting sooner. The better news is that I’m actually writing. I got a pub date on my next Silhouette Nocturne, and I’m researching the suspense. It’s going to be so much fun!

And finally, I got back to my blog. I feel MUCH better now.

EileenKathleen, the evil twins

19 thoughts on “Life Interferes”

  1. orangehands says:

    it’s very hard to deal with someone’s illness (and i’m so sorry your dad has cancer) and still do all the things you did before. the duty fell on my mom for both her mom and her brother, and i exhausted her. make sure you ake some “me” time.

    glad to see you though. ((HUGS))

  2. orangehands says:

    ok, that’s it exhausted her, i was a perfect angel. (ok, i didn’t bother her at least) 🙂

  3. inkgrrl says:

    I’ve been going through this with my mom – somebody told me it’s like you have to minimize all the other windows in your life and just keep the one program open and running for the duration. What OH said about making me time… it’s tough to remember to do, especially when there’s all that world passing by outside your head to catch up with.

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