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I was going to get a lot of writing done today. My husband is in South Africa, the rat, so I have no set family schedule to work around, which means I can write, then nap, then write, then nap. The problem is that instead I had to do an interesting thing called an art fact sheet for my next book for Silhouette. It’s goint to launch their new line, Nocturne, which is a kind of dark paranormal line. Art fact sheets are a necessary evil, so that the artist at least has an idea of what you’re looking for. Not that he actually always follows it, of course. I had a book once called “A Prince of a Guy,” about fictitious European royalty. I sent photos of Bruce Boxleitner in a Lauren add(tuxedoed and everything) for the prince hero, and, I think, somebody like Meg Ryan for my secretary heroine. Instead I got a narcoleptic Anthony Newley about ready to fall into a fountain. Fortunately Vanna White holds him up. In return he (and a suspiciously placed rivet) held her dress up.
So giving them physical info may be optimistic, but it’s better than nothing. Well, it was until they computafied it. Now I have to pick from a list of traits–giving my character only one–personalities and themes. I ended up wanting to jab a sharp pencil in my eye. So I’m blogging to feel better, then catching another of those two hour naps. Hopefully I’ll be able to rejoin Mab, Queen of Fairies and her lovely daughters Nuala, Sorcha and Orla in the morning.

eileen/kathleen, the evil twins

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  1. Mia Zachary says:

    Congrats on the new contract!

    Can you tell us anything about the Nocturne launch story?

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