Will give free books for review

I might actually be too late on this. I’m in Michigan on vacation with the family, and only able to get internet in town(which, if you’re on a beach in Michigan, you tend not to frequent). But here it is. My book with Jenny Crusie and Anne Stuart, THE UNFORTUNATE MISS FORTUNES, premieres very soon. In the spirit of sharing, we would like to offer a whopping 50 copies to people who have an active blog that’s at least two years old. The only caveat is that we’d like you to blog a review of it on your site.

So, if you’re interested in a free copy, please contact


Molly our brilliant webqueen will randomly pick fifty names, and send the books off post haste. And then we’ll link with your site on the Miss Fortunes site. And if I can figure out how to do it here, I’ll do that, too.

But don’t think that’s all. We’re having ongoing contests through the end of August over at the www.unfortunatemissfortunes. com site. And I’m giving away three copies myself here. So sign up. And stop by the UMF site and see what you think. I do know that the reviews are coming in(posted on the UMF site), and with the exception of Publishers Weekly, who seem to think that it is not necessary to actually read a book to review it, have all been wonderful.

So stop by. Sign up. And let us know what you think. A good review is NOT a requirement. We just would like a review.

Now, back to the beach. I’m thinking of you all as I watch the waves and birds and sun. Really.

Eileen/Kathleen, the evil twins

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